My Philosophy

Many dogs find a visit to the groomers to be a stressful an unpleasant experience, in some

cases it can affect them for life.  My ethos is not to generate a conveyor belt service, but one

that provides a positive and enjoyable experience, using Fear Free protocols for the dogs in my

care with no compromise. It generally takes around 2 hours for a full groom allowing time for

rest if required (good for elderly dogs) or several short drying sessions if needed to avoid

increasing anxiety.  I will not force dogs or over restrain them to carry out grooming procedures

but work with them to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Canine Behaviour & Training in 2012. The knowledge and experience gained on the course, 
coupled with kind handling and equipment that will provide the most comfort for my canine customers. 

Introductory Sessions

Particularly for puppies will form part of the services provided. More ....


Paw's Workforce

I am a sole trader so mostly work alone with the dogs.

A Word About Hygiene 

I disinfect all equipment and tables between customers with Safe 4 Pets products. You can find out more here. I have a secure 
area where the dogs can spend a penny or 2 which is disinfected daily.


I am insured with Pet Business for £2 million public liability and £5000 for care, custody & control of animals. In addition I have £100,000 professional Indemnity cover.

Professional Membership

I am a certified Fear Free Professional and Animal Trainer and a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and adhere to their codes of conduct

First Aid

I have undertaken both human first aid at work and canine first aid.